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You already made an investment in an Anthem medical plan. That investment can pay off exponentially when you add other benefits to your current plan. In addition to medical, we offer a full portfolio of industry-leading ancillary benefit plans including dental, vision, life, disability, and supplemental health (accident, critical illness and hospital indemnity).

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Save time and money while enjoying the same level of exceptional service.

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Streamlined, flexible plan designs and large provider networks that make it easy to find a doctor nearby.

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Opportunities for earlier detection and personalized recommendations for preventive care.


Anthem dental checks all the boxes on what you expect from a dental carrier — network, service, and price. By integrating dental with medical, your employees and their doctors can detect chronic health problems sooner.

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Access to one of the largest dental networks in the nation with 130,000+ dentists at 464,000+ locations, offering a 38% claims discount on average.

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We’ve provided dental benefits for more than 50 years, and we’re backed by a team of more than 1,000 associates serving your dental benefit needs.

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You’ll save up to $1.20 per employee per month on your medical fees when you add dental benefits.1

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Our dental plans automatically identify members who have a chronic condition to let them know about extra dental services like cleanings to support their dental health.2

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Because eye exams can reveal conditions like diabetes and heart disease, integration allows for earlier detection and treatment of medical conditions. Plus, you enjoy a significant network and cost savings.

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Access to one of the largest vision networks in the nation with 38,000+ eye doctors at 27,000+ locations, offering a 75% claims discount on average.3

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Our team of vision associations are ready to serve your vision benefit needs seven days a week.

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Save $.50 per employee per month off your medical premium when you add vision.4


Disability can be a disproportionate cost driver — 50% of medical costs come from the 5-10% of employees that have disability claims.5 By integrating medical, disability, and absence management, you can minimize employee claims or even prevent them, and help your employees get back to work safely and stay healthier.

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One of the fastest claims turnaround times in the industry, with a claim decision within 7.9 days.

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Disability case managers provide personal support to effectively manage claims and address the physical, emotional and financial needs of an employee on disability.

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Save $.50 per employee per month on your medical fees when you add short-term and long-term disability benefits.6

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Anthem Whole Health Connection® program helps employees with conditions that are driving your health care costs, like cardiovascular disease and musculoskeletal conditions. Disability claims for employees with a chronic condition may trigger a referral to our Care Management. Medical costs from disability claims for those members who engage with one of our nurse care managers after referral from their disability case manager are 25% lower — an $8,000 savings.7

Supplemental Health

Unplanned medical costs can add up. Help protect your employees from the unexpected. Anthem’s Supplemental Health plans can provide financial protection. Your employees can choose from Accident, Critical Illness and Hospital Indemnity benefits to close coverage gaps and provide cash payments. This gives them flexibility and is designed to protect them against high-cost, unexpected medical events.

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Accident coverage helps you manage medical services like emergency room visits, surgeries or follow-up care needed due to an accident.

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Critical illness covers 18 illnesses, including invasive cancer, heart attack and stroke.

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Hospital indemnity coverage provides fixed per-day benefits for inpatient hospitalization caused or contributed to by an accident or illness.

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Pharmacy is the most-used healthcare benefit—in fact, pharmacy benefits are used three times more often than medical benefits.8 Having the two work hand-in-hand only makes sense. When companies combine Anthem’s pharmacy benefits, powered by IngenioRx, with their Anthem medical plan, they experience real results.

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Members avoided $119 million in medical costs by closing care gaps9 across the total IngenioRx commercial business in 2019.

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By combining pharmacy benefits with your medical plan, you streamline administration with one implementation, one renewal, and one dedicated account team.

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36.6% more care gaps can be closed when a whole-health approach is taken10, including combining pharmacy and medical.

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When you add Anthem life insurance, you are adding peace of mind, comfort, and vitally helpful resources to your employees’ lives. We offer more than a claims check—when beneficiaries need us most, we are there with caring, personal support.

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Because time matters, our average claims processing time is only 1.4 days with a 99.9% financial accuracy.

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Our coverage focuses on compassion, with assistance options for handing estate details, travel assistance for members and their families, and resources to help children cope with the loss of a loved one.

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We offer online tools including identity theft services, debt and credit management, investment planning, state-specific and living wills, a college locator, elder care resources, and more.

Group Medicare

Anthem can be your partner in health from hire to retire when you extend Individual or Group Medicare options for your retirees. Our plans give your retirees richer benefits while keeping your costs down.

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Anthem offers top-tier prescription plans, PPOs and HMOs, plus integrated Medicare Advantage solutions that combine Medicare Parts A & B, prescription drug, health and wellness, vision and dental into one high-quality plan.

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Access to one of the largest Medicare Advantage networks in the country, with over 640,000 contracted providers nationwide – allowing your retirees to see the doctors, specialists, and hospitals they trust.

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Continuing coverage for your employees after retirement helps them gain confidence and peace of mind. Our coverage has a 90% satisfaction rating among retirees.11

Employee Assistance Program

An Employee Assistance Program addresses challenges ranging from finding care for loved ones to dealing with legal issues. Pairing an EAP with your healthcare coverage can help employees navigate stressful situations, so they can bring their best to the workplace. Anthem offers three plan models to fit your organization’s needs.

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The typical medical spending for members with a behavioral health and medical condition who used Anthem EAP was $23 less per member per month compared to those without an EAP.

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Our AEP services are designed to help your employees balance the demands of daily work and life challenges, including legal and financial issues, health and wellness, pet care, crisis intervention, and more.

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Anthem has been a leading provider of Employee Assistance Programs for more than 35 years.

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Stop Loss

For Administrative Services Only (ASO) employers seeking financial protection from large claims, bundling Stop loss coverage offers ease, consistency, and convenience. When you combine Anthem Stop Loss protection with one of our medical plans, it can streamline your billing and administration, improve cash flow, and protect your business from high-claim costs.

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Anthem offers two types of stop loss: Individual protects an organization against one person’s catastrophic claims, and Aggregate offers protection when an entire group’s healthcare claims exceed expectations.

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Stop loss can assume 100 percent of the risk on claims that exceed the stop loss limit, and Anthem reimburses faster through an advanced funding option so you can enjoy a predictable cash flow.

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All of the time-consuming and often complex administrative, billing, regulatory, and compliance duties are done by us — so you can focus on your business. Integrating with Anthem means one point of contact and no need to coordinate with multiple vendors.